Paycheck Protection Program for Medical Practices

Health spending accounted for almost 18% of GDP in the United States in 2015. That figure translates to about $10,000 of annual healthcare spending per person. With those numbers in mind it should come as no surprise that we see the health and wellness industries as vital to our business at Sky Bridge. Over the years our team has provided capital to over 800 health and wellness businesses when they need it most.

Funding for Medical Practices

As a family medicine doctor, optometrist, dentist, or home health care provider you know how important it can be to have fast access to cash for unforeseen expenses. Cash flow is a common challenge for medical professionals because of the complexity of the business. Many of your patients pay with a combination of cash, insurance, and financing. As a result it can be hard to balance the timing of expenses with your receivables.

It’s also important to have the confidence to buy a new piece of medical equipment, hire new medical staff, or expand your office as you grow your practice. At Sky Bridge we have worked with hundreds of medical professionals just like you to provide quick funding to cover gaps in cash flow and supply capital for time sensitive investments to grow the practice.

Funding for Medical Laboratories

While the doctor’s office is the face of the medical industry it is the laboratories that provide the analysis and customized medical devices that allow medical professionals to treat their patients effectively. At Sky Bridge, we have provided funding to medical labs, dental labs, and imaging clinics to help them invest in new equipment and close their cash flow gaps.