Food & Beverage Industry Financing

Owning a restaurant, bar, or food truck can be very rewarding but it can also be challenging at times. Serving people food and drink is a labor of love. The hard part comes when a critical piece of equipment breaks or some other big expense hits at the wrong time. If the kitchen is closed for too long you could be out of business.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of restaurant and bar owners with our ability to provide quick financing with easy approval process. The high cash flow nature of businesses in your industry make for a perfect match for our merchant cash advance offering.

Need capital to expand your business? We can help with that as well. In fact, many of our customers come to Sky Bridge because their business is growing and they need to buy new kitchen equipment, expand their space, hire new staff, or open a new location. Being able to seize an opportunity when it presents itself without having to spend a ton of time with a bank or pitching investors is something our customers tell us they value most.