Construction Financing

The cash flow needs of businesses, tradesmen, and craftsmen in the construction industry are unique. You need a financing partner who understands how your business works. For those construction or trades companies that work as contractors, you are especially sensitive to the economic environment that could change throughout the year. Unfortunately, because of the uneven cash flow throughout the year, many times banks will not provide the financing construction & trade companies need. That's where a merchant cash advance comes in.

At Sky Bridge, we have provided financing for home builders, electricians, plumbers, masons, concrete suppliers, HVAC installers, and just about every other imaginable business involved in the construction and service of homes and buildings. We know that customers often pay slowly but your employees and suppliers need to be paid now. We also know that purchasing a new piece of equipment or repairing what you have can mean the difference between winning or losing a job. 

Whatever the situation, chances are we’ve seen it before - and we can help. We specialize in providing capital to small businesses like yours quickly without the hassle it typically takes to secure bank financing. Get started today!