1. Merchant Cash Advance for Business Services


Running a services business with a B2B model is a challenge. On the one hand, business clients can be very profitable. On the other hand, some clients pay slowly and you have expenses that can’t wait. And that's where the trouble lies. Between waiting for clients to pay or (oh no!) not getting paid at all, you can find yourself in a pretty tough financial situation from time to time. 

The ups and downs of your cash flow situation are an added stress that you don’t need as you work to grow your business. At Sky Bridge, we recognize that bridging the gap between receivables and payables is something that every B2B services business owner needs help with from time to time.

In order grow your business, you'll occasionally need to bring on some additional working capital to help you expand. We're here for you for that. We specialize in providing short-term financing in way of a merchant cash advance – and do wit all with the least amount of friction and time as possible. Get started today!