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The 5 Qualities Every Great Small Business Leader Must Possess

The 5 Qualities Every Great Small Business Leader Must Possess

Starting your own business isn’t an easy venture. Finding the necessary funding, hiring great employees, and staying true to your mission can, at times, seem like an impossible dream.

The first years of a business can be a roller coaster ride of events. Some days will run on track and smoothly, while others seem to just drop and go crazy without notice. While working out the kinks of a new business can be difficult, being a great leader doesn’t have to be. Possessing these five qualities means you are ready to lead your business straight to success: 



Know how to laugh at yourself and how to relate to your employees. Be someone that your team wants to listen to, wants to trust, and wants to follow. Don’t be a best friend, but set the tone as an easy person to talk to if problems or questions arise. Remember that you always catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.



Know your stuff. If you’re in the business of alternative funding, know every aspect of alternative funding (simple, right?) Keep up with trends in business, new resources, and available tools to help you in your success. Read blogs and articles regularly that relate to your field and be a step above the competition.



Believe in yourself and your company. If you have a passion that is contagious, your co-workers can’t help but be just as inspired. Turn your passion into dedication, motivation, focus, and hard work. It will all pay off in the long run (and remember that.)

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Respect your team, and respect from them will come naturally. Show that you care not just about numbers but about them. Make sure each knows the asset they are to the company and how much that means to you. Both inside and outside of the office, be sure to show your care for your business as well as the ones who work for it.



Be confident about your position, your company, and your mission. As a leader, you must confront issues head-on with your employees and stand your ground. The way you react under high stress and pressure defines you as a leader. You know what you’re doing, you started a business. If there’s something you don’t quite know the answer to, be confident enough to simply ask for help.


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