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7 Podcasts Every Small Business Owner Should Have On Their iPhones

Posted by Grant Pastor
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7 Podcasts Every Small Business Owner Should Have On Their iPhones

1. Entrepreneur on Fire (John Lee Dumas)

As founder and host of EOFire, it’s safe to say that John Lee Dumas must love entrepreneurs. But it wasn’t always that way. After graduating from college and serving in the US Army, Dumas tried everything to find his place. Post moving to San Diego in 2009 to pursue real estate, he quickly realized the market just wasn’t making enough. He had to get creative to make a better living, and his entrepreneurial talent slowly kicked in. Dreading the long California commutes, a friend suggested he start listening to podcasts to pass the time… And voila. The idea for EOFire was born. The show debuted in 2012 with the promise of delivering valuable, consistent, and, most of all, free content to his listeners. You can listen to his podcast each and every day which includes episodic interviews like these with Andrew Lock , Daniel DiPiazza, and Vince Reed.

2. The New Business Podcast (Hosted by Chris Ducker)

If you’re like Chris Ducker, you know all about never-ending days at work and times with family and friends ending too soon. It’s the typical life of an entrepreneur, and many simply let it be. Not Ducker. At the start of 2010, he put the goal of becoming a “virtual CEO” into place. He spent the year making himself needed as little as possible at his company, blogging along the way. By the later half of that year, he not only achieved that aspiration, but launched yet another business, Virtual Staff Finder. Today, he interviews some of the greatest minds in the ‘new business’ online world each and every week on The New Business Podcast and shares his experiences to help you reach your entrepreneurial goals… Oh yeah, and he cut his work week to just 6-hours a day. Want in? A good place to start is episode 119, it’s Chris’ favorite.

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3. Small Business Unstuck (Hosted by Barry Moltz) 

Barry Moltz has enough good (and bad) experiences in business to give solid tips to any entrepreneur. It wouldn’t be true to say all his experiences were successes, and that’s just why his advice is so solid. Being fired, doing the hiring, and the firing, Moltz has all perspectives to offer: the boss, the employee, and the bad guy. With more than 15 years of experience under his belt, 5 books to his name, membership in the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, and being an adjunct professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Moltz’s Small Business Unstuck can offer some pretty insightful advice to any SMB owner (or, employee, for that matter!) We tweeted Barry to offer some of his expert advice to business owners. He responded to always remember that “growing revenue is vanity. Building cash flow is sanity.”

4. Internet Business Mastery (Co-Hosted by Jeremy Frandsen & Jason Van Orden)

“You should be totally in charge of how much money you make. The greatest risk is to live a life that doesn't fulfill you. True security is found in a business that provides for the lifestyle that YOU choose, not that your job dictates.” Does this sound like your reality? If it isn’t, try listening to Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden’s podcast Internet Business Mastery… Because, for them, it is. Leaving their desk jobs and escaping the 9-5 world, they were able to create seven figure incomes for themselves by working online and now they want to help others do the same. We asked Frandsen to tweet over his favorite episode and he directed us to 5 Key Lessons from 10 Years of Lifestyle Design. With other shows like 80/20 Marketing, How to Drive Traffic that Generates Sales, and How to Get to #1 in Google, Internet Business Mastery might just turn you into, well, an internet business master.



5. Social Media Marketing Podcast (Hosted by Michael Stelzner)

He’s the founder of SM Examiner and Social Media Marketing Society,author of two books, and the brain behind the Social Media Marketing World event and Social Media Success Summit. Notice a pattern? Michael Stelzner knows social media because he lives and breathes it, so it should come as no surprise that he is also the host of the Social Media Marketing Podcast. The podcast, which is just one part of the Social Media Examiner world (which includes events, blogs, experts, videos, and more) is an on-demand talk radio show that’s designed to help busy business owners find what works best with their SMM. We tweeted Stelzner (@Mike_Stelzner) and asked what his favorite episode was. His choice? This one from December 2014, on failure. Give it a listen and you just might see why we ranked this podcast as a winner.

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6. The $100 MBA (Hosted by Omar Zenhom) 

With over 14 years of business building experience as both an educator and university manager, Omar Zenhom is the brains behind The $100 MBA. Zenhom dropped out of Wharton Business School in frustration to build The $100 MBA, which is revolutionizing business education forever. Not only is he the curriculum developer, content creator and head instructor at The $100 MBA, but also the voice of the $100 MBA podcast. Each 10-minute program calls upon some of the industry’s top experts to guest teach on the show… Promotion and backstory free. The beauty of this show for any entrepreneur with limited time is it’ short and fully packed episodes that are perfect for being on the go. We tweeted Zenhom to find out his favorite lessons and he recommends MBA340, MBA271, and MBA264. Get studying!

7. Duct Tape Marketing (Hosted by John Jantasch) 

Known as ‘the world’s most practical small business marketing expert’, John Jantasch couldn’t be a better person to listen to as a SMB owner. Duct Tape Marketing, called a “must listen” by Fast Company magazine, and a top ten business show on iTunes, is a business podcast that gives listeners tips and tools to better sell, find prospects, and keep customers happy. Jantasch himself is a successful marketing consultant and keynote speaker, with appearances at companies like eBay, American Express, and Small Business Association. When asked what his favorite episode was, he told us Your Attention Span is Shorter Than a Goldfish. You can listen to that, and others, here.

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