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22 Times You Could Really Use a Merchant Cash Advance

Posted by Erin Feldman
Erin Feldman
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You sometimes need cash, fast. Maybe it’s to get you through a cash flow crunch. Other times, you might need the cash to seize an opportunity, such as discounted inventory or a sale on needed equipment.

Usually, you’d have all the time in the world to raise capital, with all sorts of financing options from which to choose. But that might not be true for your current situation. Perhaps you don’t have time to wait to be approved for a small business loan. Then again, maybe your credit rating is too low.

You aren’t out of financing solutions; in fact, you could be perfectly suited for a merchant cash advance (MCA). Its fast application and approval process delivers the cash you need, right now and right here. Check out the 22 use cases for a merchant cash advance below. One of them might reflect your current business predicament or opportunity.


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