Sky Bridge Business Funding provides companies with COVID-19 financial relief quickly.

With COVID-19 affecting businesses all over the U.S., we’ve partnered with Cross River Bank to provide financial relief in the form of a loan under the SBA Paycheck Protection Program.

Unlike other lenders, Cross River Bank does not require a pre-existing relationship with them as a depositor because Cross River uses Sky Bridge technology to complete KYC in just seconds.

We Understand What Small Businesses Need During COVID-19

We understand that now more than ever before you need to secure capital fast to provide your business with the cash it needs in the short-term and get through this difficult time in our country’s history. 

We understand that in order to ensure long-term success with your business, it all comes down to your ability to make quick financial decisions during this tough time. At Sky Bridge, we pride ourselves on speed and making sure your business is able to take advantage of all that the SBA Paycheck Protection Program has to offer.

Why You Should Choose Sky Bridge

As a business owner, there are situations that you are almost certain to face at some point in your career when you might consider outside financing. COVID-19 has brought financial strains onto businesses nationwide. Luckily, with programs like the SBA Paycheck Protection Program, we're able to offer your business a forgivable loan of up to 2.5 times your average monthly payroll costs from 2019 (restrictions do apply). 

That means if the loan is used for covering payroll costs or most mortgage interest, rent, and utility costs over the 8 week period after the loan is made and employee and compensation levels are maintained, you will not need to pay back the amount you receive through the SBA Paycheck Protection Program.

Our skilled funding advisors are knowledgeable on all the SBA Paycheck Protection Program can do for your business. We look forward to helping your company get through the COVID-19 crisis and have future success for years to come.

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